Semiconductor / Thin Film

Semiconductor/Thin Film

In the semiconductor/thin film industry, sophisticated fitting algorithms is required to enable calculation of the layer thickness down to the nanometer scale in the production of silicon wafer. Thousands of our systems are used to control dry etching processes (plasma end-point detection) or inspect layer thickness (ellipsometry).

Featured Applications



Silicon crystallinity characterization is an important part of the semiconductor manufacturing.

With high speed Raman spectrometer, we can offer both online and lab measurement to monitor the material characterisation to reveal different silicon crystallinity.

Solar Panel Production

Solar Panel

Photovoltaic and solar-heat modules convert sunlight into useable energy; thus this conversion efficiency is an important parameter. The efficiency is optimized by applying thin-film coatings which enhance absorption on various materials.  The coating layer thickness influences the efficiency of the solar cells so that optical thickness and uniformity of a coating has to be carefully monitored during production.

We offer an online optical measurement system that can be integrated into the production line to monitor not only the thickness and uniformity but also the surface colour and appearance too.

Etching Bath Measurement

Etching Bath

Acidic etching is a widely used texturing process in solar cell fabrication. Application liquids like HF, HNO3, H2SiF, HCl, H2O2, KOH and NaOH are usually used.  In order to obtain a reproducible results, the concentration of the main components is essential.  

Our UV/NIR spectrometer can acquire a characteristic spectrum of the etching bath for different mixture.  It allows a fast in-line analysis as compared to the widely-used traditional method of Ion Chromatography and titration.

Dip-Coated Panes on Roller Belts

Dip-Coated Panes on Roller Belts

The layer thickness, the reflection and transmission properties of the dip-coated glass have to be measured during the production and final inspection in order to comply to the highest standards for refined flat glasses.

Our UV-VIS-NIR inline spectrometer system can provide a non-destructive measurements with 100% final inspection of the products directly on the roller belt.