Chemical & Petrochemical

Chemical & Petrochemical

Polymer production is an important process as polymer is one of the base material used in the manufacture of everyday products such as plastics, electronics, etc.  From the upstream of the olefin gases to the downstream of petrochemical, tight control of process is important to meet the product quality specifications. The integration of online monitoring will help provide a non-destructive and real-time monitoring with rapid data acquisition to achieve this tight control of process.

Similarly, the same technologies can also be applied to the downstream specialty chemical process such as the Oleochemical and Biomass production.

Featured Applications

Optimizing Polymerization


Monitoring the reaction from the polymerization process is important as it has an impact on the physical properties and applications.  

Controlling this polymer chain in a targeted synthesis with the optimum concentration of inhibitors can help get the monomers to polymerize properly in the entire propagation process.

The use of our online UV-VIS-NIR spectrometer can help monitor both the concentration and spectral profile of the polymer and inhibitor alike.


Oleochemical Plant

The colour of the fatty alcohols is a major quality criteria in oleochemicals.  This is determined as Lovibond number.

To reduce the time consuming and cost intensive procedure of lab sampling, this colorimetric data evaluation can be measured and analyzed by our inline UV/VIS spectrometer system.

Bioethanol Fermentation

Bioethanol Fermentation

The QA/QC for Bioethanol production is important to ensure the quality of the final product. Ethanol fermentation can be analyzed by our UV/VIS/NIR spectrometer.  

Our online technologies can determine the multi constituent of the processed broths with real-time monitoring, high sensitivity with rapid data acquisition