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Aircraft Inerting System


Verifying the operation of the aircraft inerting systems is important in the aerospace industry as it can decrease the probability of a combustion.

Designed for this application, our portable O2 gas analyzer with an expected 10-year life span on the sensor uses a pump to draw the sample from the system to the sensor via the flame arrestors so that if the sample is flammable, e.g. containing jet fuel vapors, any ignition would not travel back to the source or onward to the exhaust.

Dessicant Air Dryer

Dessicant Air Dryer

Compressed air is used in many industrial plants.  The quality of the instrument air supply would require the monitoring of the trace moisture (H2O) as it can cause corrosion or freeze up problem.

Our advanced gas analyzer for H2O measurement with patented designs and unique proprietary technologies will help prevent such corrosion and freeze up of the system.

Plasma Radiation

Plasma Radiation

Lighting is an important pillar of the business of lighting company – Philips. Therefore, innovation for new and improvement of existing products is essential for the Light Generation Group of Philips’ Research Laboratory.

Radiation intensity from a lamp can be monitored side-on by our UV spectrometer.  It can measure the spectral characteristic of light sources in the lab and also at the production plant.