Electrochemical Analyzers

Model 3010BX Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Analyzer

  • Patented technology for Trace H2S measurement
  • Compact and cost competitive design
  • Front loading H2S sensor
Model 3010BX H2S Analyzer
Model 3010BX

Model 3000RS Portable Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Analyzer

  • Portable H2S for spot-checking and fast verification of H2S
  • High accuracy (±1%) as compared to sample tubes (±10 to 15%)
  •  At only 2.3kg, it is the smallest, lightest and most accurate portable in the industry
Model 3000RS Portable Trace Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Analyzer
Model 3000RS

Model 2010BX Oxygen (O2) Analyzer

  • Industry best selling analyzer for detecting from Percent to Traces of Oxygen in Natural Gas and other industrial applications
  • Fast and accurate measurement down to 0.05ppm
  • Virtually maintenance-free analyzer with front loading O2 sensor
Model 2010BX O2 Analyzer
Model 2010BX

Model 221R Oxygen Deficiency Monitor

  • Gold standard for Oxygen deficiency and confined space monitoring 
  • OSHA standard preset alarms
  • Used by the thousands in Government Laboratories, Space Agencies, Universities, and a broad range of industries
  • Ensuring the safety of personnel
Model 221R Oxygen (O2) Deficiency Monitor
Model 221R

The Watchdog Oxygen Analyzer

  • Advanced Trace PPM or Percent Level Oxygen Analyzer
  • Designed to include all the essential features and deliver a high level of accuracy and reliability
  • For sheltered installations in hazardous area location like Class 1, Div. 2 areas
The Watchdog Oxygen (O2) Analyzer
Watchdog Oxygen

Model 1000RS Portable Oxygen (O2) Analyzer

  • Ultra-portable Oxygen Analyzer for spot-checking pipelines
  • Compact and Leak Free design
  • Patented 4-way Selector Valves (Sample/Purge/On/Off) allows for rapid response between measurements
Model 1000RS Portable Trace Oxygen (O2) Analyzer
Model 1000RS

Model 2001LC Oxygen (O2) Analyzer

  • Ideal for measuring Trace ppm to Percent oxygen 
  • Compact size and panel mount 
  • General Purpose environment
  • Ideal for Glove Box or other general purpose applications
Model 2001LC Oxygen Analyzer